Top 12 Korean Men’s Shoes Online Shopping Sites in 2022

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Seoul, South Korea is one of the best fashion hubs in the world. With the rise of the Hallyu Wave, people from all over the world are eyeing on Korean fashion trends. K-pop idols and K-drama actors have influenced their latest styles to both men and women since the late 2000s. Especially men, who are not as detailed when it comes to fashion before, have now developed their own distinctive looks.

Social media did its work when it widened the reach of the cultural impact of the Hallyu Wave, especially to Millennials and Gen Zs. Korean men are not just viewed as K-pop idols or your favorite K-drama male leads anymore. But they now have a sense of individuality, more so when it comes to fashion. They are confident and brave in trying new things and starting trends that could be the next fashion craze.

You will notice how Korean men naturally show different fashion styles from head to toe. If you walk the streets of Seoul, there are so many clothing, accessory, and footwear style ideas that you can pick up just by watching them. One of the fashion pieces that catches your attention the most is their shoes. Just as a trivia say, “Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes”.

Trending Korean Men's Shoes for 2022

Since K-fashion has dominated the world, Korean men embraced this new challenge of creating a more diverse selection of fashion items. One of the bests is their choices of shoes. They have veered away from the basic and simple materials and design. Instead of just using canvas shoes, they now have more selections like loafers and boots. Experimenting on patterns and colors, you can say that Koreans are very keen on details, in general.

Inspiration is spreading as the Korean men’s shoe styles are more appreciated in the fashion world. That is why in this article, you will see different types of Korean men’s shoes and the shoe brands that command the fashion scene today. Rest assured that they are all included in the latest trends. You will see the shoes that K-pop stars and K-actors have worn and influenced, especially the ones that you’ve seen on TV and in magazines.

Types of Men's Shoes in Korea

White Sneakers

korean white sneakers

Every man’s go-to footwear is white sneakers. It’s classic, comfortable, extremely versatile, easy to pair with an outfit, and somehow sophisticated. Following the current trends, it can both be used in formal and casual styles. Its appeal does not get lost on anyone forever. For Korean men, it completes a chic look and it is also a perfect sportswear, especially for running. Definitely, a pair of white sneakers is a good investment for smart shoppers.


korean mens sandals

Having a pair of sandals is the best outfit for the dress-down season, the summer. It lets your feet breathe when it’s hot. It can also be your best travel buddy when you need to walk through the mountains, sand, and on water.

Pointed Boots

korean mens pointed boots

Pointed boots are an attractive type of shoes for men. You can’t help but look at it. Among the printed, embroidered, and unusual designs from luxury brands, it’s always perfect to have a classic type of shoes in your collection. It never goes out of style, so you can count on it whenever you needed something formal while wearing a suit. With some variations, it can also be used for casual outfits.


korean mens loafers

Loafers are both a trend for men and women. They are flat and mostly worn with formal attire. Designs and patterns are its best features. They give off different vibes and moods to whoever wears them. Variations of outfit styles made loafers a go-to footwear again and not just stuck as “Sunday” shoes.

Top 12 Korean Men's Shoes Online Stores

JOGUNSHOP is known to have minimalistic, plain, and light-colored dress shirts, outerwear, tops, shorts, t-shirts, pants, coats, bags, and accessories. Despite offering class pieces, they still have a wide selection of fashion pieces to choose from. They offer discounts of up to 20% and same-day shipping to their consumers.

If you’re aiming for a K-drama “Oppa” look, Jogunshop is perfect for you. Having a style that is similar to Kim Soo Hyun‘s character, Moon Gang Tae, in the K-drama, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, you can show up in a pretty boy or boy-next-door outfit. Without much patterns and bright colors, Jogunshop seems to go by the motto “less is more”.

According to YESSTYLE‘s company website, its mission is to become the “go-to” e-commerce gateway that bridges Asian products with customers worldwide. True enough, they have gathered various Asian brands, like Korean and Japanese brands, to contribute to the e-commerce gateway that they set up in one website. Famous fashion lines like CHUU, Michyeora, and Jogunshop have their products distributed through YesStyle.

Footwear brands include boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, flip-flops & sandals, slip-on shoes, and sneakers. If you’re a first-time customer, you can buy from these selections with a 10% off discount. They also offer up to 20% discount during their usual operations. But the best time to buy from them is during holidays as they offer up to 80% discount on all items.

The scope of international shipping is also broad as it includes Asia, New Zealand, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, and more. Just check if your country is included in their delivery list. They provide free expedited delivery to the U.S. for the purchase of $59 or more. And they also offer refunds for customs-related taxes and fees acquired on all YesStyle orders under US$1,000 (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

Another brand that offers high-quality Korean men’s shoes is SUPERSTARI. It’s a one-stop fashion store that includes outers, t-shirts, pants, shirts, accessories, bags, and of course, shoes. They mostly offer casual and sports shoes like daily sneakers, track shoes, trail walkers, and army sneakers. Generally, the fashion pieces they have are for casual outfits. They even have a separate category for workout clothes called “one mile look”.

Superstari considers their brand as a “fashion price revolution”. Their products are less expensive compared to the other brands. And they offer overwhelmingly good discounts of up to 92% off! Another customer convenience is bullet delivery. From its term, the products will be delivered to you right away as long as you complete your payment by 3 pm.

This fashion line offers lots of stylish and trendy pieces. One of their featured products is their Squid Game training set, which is an inspiration from the Netflix sensational K-drama series called “Squid Game“. You can buy it for 52,800 Korean won or at least US$44.38.

Pursuing a hybrid of fashion and sport, AKIII CLASSIC identifies itself as a lifestyle sportswear brand. They focus on fabric research and design development so they can produce functional sportswear that is essential for everyday life. Tops, bottoms, training sets, outerwear, accessories, and shoes are the line of products that they offer.

Akiii Classic’s shoes are extremely high in quality that you can surely use them for a long time. Though they were made with quality raw materials, they are not as expensive as compared to other high-quality shoe brands. You can just wait for occasional discount offers if you’re after some of the cheaper Akiii Classic shoes.

HiKoreanFashion can now be found on Cald Store’s official website. As a brand, their philosophy is that quality should be affordable. And they are more focused on offering customers products that are the fashion trends and latest styles in the appropriate season. They specialize in selling products like clothing, bags, accessories, cosmetics, cell phone cases, collectibles, K-pop items, and shoes.

CALD STORE has a wide range of categories of shoes like oxfords, boat shoes, loafers for different occasions, athletic shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, boots, slippers, and sandals. Aside from that, they also incorporated famous Korean characters like BT21 and added shoe accessories like socks, baby feet scales tool, and shoe tree shaper. In terms of service, they boast about their quality service and fast shipping to places like the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and many other countries. But the best part would be the full 365-day return of your items in case of any damage or you just simply changed your mind about the purchase.

BANANAFIT or BANF can be considered a luxurious shoe brand in South Korea. The footwear styles and designs are elegant and sophisticated made with high-quality materials. They have a slogan of “Urban Heritage” which means that they wanted to leave a great legacy through their products. It is a classic, but a contemporary brand that channels the past and the future.

The types of shoes that BANF offers are derby, loafers, boots, sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and accessories. One of their service features is their One Day Delivery. They ship domestically, but if you are based overseas, you can make use of package forwarding services that ship internationally. You can check out Delivered Korea’s package forwarding service here.

KOODING is a one-stop online fashion store like YesStyle. A few unique individuals with different backgrounds run this business with the mission: “Our goal at Kooding is to create a community of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle lovers that thrive on discovering new brands & trends from around the globe”. Serving 100 countries, they want to give people from all over the world access to global beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products and trends.

Offering products for women, men, and kids, Kooding has a wide collection of clothing, accessories, bags, tech products, and shoes. Focusing more on the men’s shoes, they have partnered with brands like RedHomme, KOLCA, Journey Buddy, and StyleMan. You can choose from a variety of shoe styles like sneakers, dress shoes, loafers, sandals, and boots.

MEOSIDDA aims to satisfy customers with reasonable prices and the best quality products. They specialize in men’s fashion including clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and shoes. With the goal of being one of the top fashion brands, they are focused on producing results that control the trend, culture, and entertainment industry.

The casual style is Meosidda’s dominant style if you look closely at their collection. You can be inspired to copy Jung Hae In‘s Moon Ha Won style in A Piece of Your Mind or Park Seo Joon‘s Park Sae Royi character in Itaewon Class. There are a lot of sneakers, dress shoes, sports shoes, and loafers to choose from. And they are all affordable with good quality. Just watch out for supersale promos that offer up to 90% discounts.

MR. STREET is an online shopping mall that specializes in Japanese fashion street brands and accessories. They want to become a reliable fashion brand that puts its customers first by offering good quality and affordable products. It’s a one-stop shop for clothing, accessories, and shoes. But focusing on the shoes, they have a beautiful collection of sneakers, loafers, boots/walkers, and sandals.

Having a boy-next-door style, you can emulate a lot of K-drama characters like Yun Tae-O in My First First Love. Mr. Street is generous with discounts, especially during the sale season which reaches up to 50% off! And there’s also an added feature of the 1+1 set.

BYSLIM is a fashion company that runs with five management ideologies: culture, quality, price, trend, and service. Their goal is to sympathize with the natural lifestyle of their customers. That is why they came up with the total slim fashion solution using various items based on slim and small.

The variety of shoes that Byslim offers includes summer shoes like sandals and slippers, tall shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, and dandy shoes. The prices are very affordable, and they occasionally offer up to 82% discounts on selected products. There is a same-day delivery service feature for domestic orders.

MUSINSA is the biggest online fashion platform in Korea and a mobile-centered retailer. Just in 2019, they already had a member count of 5.5 million. They have also set up their own brand called Musinsa Standard which is endorsed by the biggest Korean stars like Yoo Ah In and K-pop idols. Musina is also a content provider and plays a media role for product information, fashion trends, and brand showcases in the K-fashion industry.

There is so much to see on Musinsa’s website and app which has a wide selection of fashion items for men, women, and children. As for the shoes, they have a large shoe collection where hundreds and thousands of loafers, sneakers, slippers, boots, sandals, and flats are made available to all buyers. They also have so many discounts and promos to offer such as their holiday sales of up to 80% off on selected items.

29CM is a quality fashion brand with a mission to help customers make better choices, according to their website. It is one of the leading fashion brands in Korea with over 3.2 million members as of 2021, where 60% are women and 40% are men respectively. They offer a variety of shoes like sneakers, loafers, boots, and sandals to suggest various lifestyles.

The best feature of 29CM is that they focus on the value of their products and how they convey them to the consumers. If you look at their website’s main feed, it looks like an online magazine where they use their own perspective to produce them in different formats including images, effects, writings, and videos.