Shows to Watch on Netflix? Check top Netflix Korean Drama Picks: From Queen of Tears to Welcome to Samdalri

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Looking for shows to watch on Netflix? For a long time now, Netflix has been the top platform for streaming K-dramas. 2024 is no different, with several entertaining K-Dramas on Netflix and many of them featuring the familiar faces of iconic Hallyu stars. So to give a brief summary, below is a list of K-Dramas on Netflix that have created the most buzz this year. We have also pointed out those that have merchandise, all of which you can ship to your home using Delivered Korea!


Queen of Tears

Shows to watch on Netflix? Queen of Tears Netflix Korean drama
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Currently sitting in Netflix’s Top 10 Shows, Queen of Tears is a rollercoaster rom-com about a couple mending their rocky marriage after a shocking diagnosis. Together, they must navigate through family drama, sabotage, and their own feelings for each other. The star-studded cast alone calls for anticipation, starring Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won as the main leads. Overall, one of the best shows to watch on Netflix, this grand, whirlwind romance is the perfect escape and guaranteed to satisfy your K-Drama needs.

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Gyeongseong Creature

Shows to watch on Netflix? Gyeongseong Creature Netflix Korean drama
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Suspenseful, action-packed, and emotional, Gyeongseong Creature is a period drama that’ll have viewers hooked from beginning to end. In this thriller, a resourceful businessman and a righteous tracker form an unlikely duo investigating mysterious disappearances, while facing a monster created through sinister experiments. The K-Drama has also collaborated with Kakaotalk, producing a cute collection of gift-worthy products: Gyeongseong-Creature-themed keyrings, notebooks, and stickers. Don’t worry if you live outside of Korea because we can buy and deliver the items to you! For more information, check out our ‘We Buy and Ship’ service.

Doctor Slump

Shows to watch on Netflix? Doctor Slump Netflix Korean drama
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Another Netflix Korean drama that has garnered attention is Doctor Slump, featuring popular romance actors Park Shinhye and Park Hyungsik. The wholesome rom-com focuses on two former rivals, now both doctors, that reunite by chance and try to help each other end their slumps. The uplifting OST perfectly complements the healing plot and makes this show the ideal comfort watch. What’s more, this soundtrack is available as a CD! Just order it from Korean stores like yes24 using the free address to our Korean warehouse – and we will ship it to you (for more information, check out our ‘You Buy, We Ship’ service)!

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Welcome to Samdalri

Shows to watch on Netflix? Welcome to Samdal-ri Netflix Korean drama
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This cute romantic comedy is a must-watch for fans of “small town” K-Dramas like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and Summer Strike. It follows the change in Samdal’s life after she moves back to her hometown in Jeju Island and reunites with her childhood friend, sparking a new romance between them. The soundtrack captures the bright, peaceful atmosphere of the K-drama and would be perfect as an addition to your music collection. You can find the CD on yes24, or another Korean website, and order it to our Korean warehouse address (for more information, check out our ‘You Buy, We Ship’ service).


In this list, we have covered the most exciting K-Dramas that have aired in 2024, along with the merchandise available for purchase. Of course, there are still many more releases expected throughout the year, so be sure to check our blog later for updates. Additionally, besides K-Drama merchandise, the DKshop offers a wide range of authentic Korean products, including K-Pop albums, Korean skincare, stationery, and more. Be sure to explore our shop for even more options!

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