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Regardless of whether you have been a fan of him even during the Wanna One era or you are only starting to get more invested in this now-solo artist, there could only be one reason why you are here; you are considering getting a Kang Daniel merch. It might be for yourself or someone you know who happens to be a DANITY. Whatever it is, we’ve got you and we’re not here to disappoint with a long list of things that might not even enhance your experience as a DANITY. So… we’ve come up with three essentials for every DANITY!

For those who are still unfamiliar with this K-pop star, Kang Daniel is a former member of Wanna One who is now a solo singer under his own label, Konnect Entertainment, ever since his solo debut in July 2019. Today, Kang Daniel is one of the most prominent solo artists in the K-music industry. Kang Daniel has released several merch collections under the company, mostly for fan meetings and to promote his albums. 

Image Source: Konnect Shop

If you are a big fan of planning or journaling and getting organized is your thing, then Kang Daniel’s Season’s Greetings is definitely something that you might want to look forward to every year! For many people all over the world, “Season’s Greetings” is only a greeting used during Christmas but in the world of K-pop, Season’s Greetings is something fans anticipate as it is a collection of items such as planners, calendars, photo cards, and stickers that are usually released during the holiday season. It is really the perfect way to spend the year with your favorite idol!

Kang Daniel’s latest Season’s Greetings was released in late 2020 for DANITYs to make use of throughout the year of 2021. The Season’s Greetings 3-Piece Set comes with a wall calendar package, a diary package, and a desk calendar package. Sounds mundane? We don’t think so because each of these packages then comes with more inclusions! The wall calendar package includes a wall calendar with a photocard pocket as well as a set of 4 photo cards. The diary package consists of a PVC cover with a photocard pocket, a set of two photocards, a 6-hole hardcover diary, a deco sticker set, and a set of 8 postcards. Last but not least, the desk calendar package comes with a desk calendar, stand memo pad with a photocard pocket, and another set of 4 photocards. If you were to get the whole set, that is a whole lot of inclusions! However, DANITYs could also purchase each of the packages separately instead of a set. Those who purchased during the pre-order period also received another 3 photocards as pre-order benefits so there is no doubt getting Kang Daniel’s Season’s Greetings would be worth the money.

KD Lightstick
Image Source: Konnect Shop
KD Lightstick2
Image Source: Konnect Shop

DANITYs are also no strangers to light sticks as they really are something that fans want to have with them especially when attending concerts, fan meetings, and any other event to cheer for their beloved Kang Daniel. In November 2019, as preparation ahead of his first fan-meeting, Color on Seoul, Kang Daniel surprised DANITYs with the fandom’s first official light stick. The light stick embodies minimalism and elegance with its sleek all-black design. A 3D logo of Kang Daniel‘s initials, KD, can be seen inside the transparent dome whereas his full name is featured on the handle of the light stick. On the box of the light stick, the product is marked as “version 01” so there is a high possibility that a second version, perhaps with another design, is coming on its way!

Besides a Light Stick Cross Bag to protect your precious light stick while you bring it to events and beautiful deco straps, another light stick accessory that catches our attention is the Deco Sheets for the light stick to create beautiful ombre light effects. These Deco Sheets, which come in a set of three, the deco straps, and the cross bag are currently sold out in the Official Konnect Shop but we are certain that they will get restocked soon so keep your eyes on them if you wish to get those additions along with your lightstick!

KD Album 2
Image Source: Soundwave
Image Source: Soundwave
KD Album 3
Image Source: Soundwave

Of course, nothing proves that you’re a fan of Kang Daniel like owning his albums! As of now, Kang Daniel has just released the final album to his three-part ‘Color‘ series, ‘Yellow‘, in April 2021 with ‘Antidote‘ as the title track. The first two parts of the trilogy which have been previously released in 2020 are ‘Cyan‘ and ‘Magenta‘. However, he had also released his first mini-album prior to the trilogy, ‘Color on Me‘ which includes a CD, a 76-page photobook, a random clear film out of 3 versions, a random photo card out of 5, 3 postcards, a sticker sheet, and a bookmark. As for the ‘Color‘ trilogy, each of the albums comes in 2 versions which DANITYs can purchase either separately or in a set with similar types of inclusions to the first mini-album. Not only they are considered as the ultimate collectibles for DANITYs, but each of these albums also deserves some points for their aesthetics. We must say that we are most attracted to the album covers for both versions of ‘Magenta‘.

KD Album merch 1
Image Source: Konnect Shop
KD Album merch 2
Image Source: Konnect Shop
Image Source: Konnect Shop

Kang Daniel has also released merchandise collections for album releases to promote his album so comebacks are the time when DANITYs are spoiled with merch. During the release of ‘Magenta‘, fans were surprised with 6 items, including an acrylic stand, phone strap, hologram pouch, and album cover badges which could be purchased either separately or in a set of 4. Fans were also given a photo card with every purchase of some items such as the phone strap. For the release of ‘Yellow‘, DANITYs had seen surprised with more album merch which included a bracelet, paper sachet, ‘Yellow‘ album cover badges, and a tablet PC pouch that comes with a photocard. Although you might have missed out on these merch releases, some of them are still up for grabs on the Official Konnect Shop such as the ‘Color on Seoul‘ postcard sets. You might want to be prepared for the next comeback and album merch release, though as it seems like there are going to be more album merch releases for Kang Daniel’s future comebacks!

Of course, there will be more merch releases from the soloist in the future but these are the type of goods that we think DANITYs should always look forward to! All of the items we’ve mentioned can simply be purchased from the Official Konnect Shop and Kang Daniel‘s albums are also available in all Korean stores such as Soundwave, Aladin, Interpark, and Yes24. As you think of shopping from these Korean sites for your Kang Daniel merch, be sure to think of Delivered Korea too for a smooth shopping experience. We will be happy to assist in delivering your items all the way from Korea to your doorstep with affordable shipping prices!

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