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Undeniably one of the top Korean soloists, popular with both global and local fans, and a name that everyone has been raving about—of course, I’m talking about the talented singer/rapper/actor, BIBI. Signing with Feel Ghood Music after the legend Yoon Mi-rae found her self-produced music on Soundcloud, BIBI has successfully made a name for herself with her unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and pop! In this article, we’ll be exploring BIBI, her music, and her collaboration with the cosmetics company Brandip. So, if you’re ready, let’s get into it!

Who is BIBI?

who is bibi kpop kim hyung-seo korean cosmetics brandip collab
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BIBI’s stage name came from her SoundCloud name “Nakedbibi,” and she has said that the name now mirrors how she wants to show her true self honestly. As for her musical inspirations, BIBI has mentioned being influenced by how Nicki Minaj uses pop and rap in her music. Like many songwriters, BIBI leans on her own personal experiences and emotions for her lyrics. The Grammys wrote, “BIBI’s catalog — two extended plays and one full-length — is peppered with existential tales of love and afflictions, and she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. It’s a formula that has resonated with local and global listeners, who fall for the charm of her authenticity.”

As for her look, BIBI is most known for the two red dots under her eyes. According to BIBI, the dots are a tribute to her grandfather and his roseola, a result of his fevers before he passed away. BIBI explained in Jessi’s Showterview that the dots also serve as a message to herself to stay focused and composed during performances!

who is bibi kpop kim hyung-seo korean cosmetics brandip collab
Image source: Acne Studios

As mentioned, BIBI signed with the record label Feel Ghood Music, in 2017—a few months later, BIBI actually came in second on the SBS competition show “The Fan.” In 2019, BIBI made her official music debut with the song “Binu,” which introduced new fans to her sound. 2021 was a big year for BIBI. Not only did she release her second EP, “Life is a Bi…”, which performed exceptionally well, drawing a lot of new fans to her R&B/Hip-Hop style, but BIBI also released a collaboration track, titled “The Weekend,” with 88rising—and, by the end of the year, BIBI signed a deal with 88rising, which would allow the company to manage her global promotions, opening up even more opportunities for BIBI and allowing her music to reach a wider audience across the globe.

In February of this year, BIBI hit another career peak, releasing her first studio album “Lowlife Princess: Noir” and the single “Bam Yang Gang,” which not only topped several charts, including Melon and Genie, but even sparked a revival of the dessert that the song is named after with sales rising across Korea. Cafe Euljiro Jeokdang’s CEO, Kim Tae-hyung, told The Korea Times, “I could not believe this at first, but the sales of bamyanggaeng more than doubled after the namesake song became a smash hit. (…) Yanggaeng was mostly known as a dessert for the older generation, but today, people of all age groups are coming to our place to try it”. With its catchy beat and relatable lyrics, the single struck a chord with listeners of all ages, leading to a cultural phenomenon as more and more people flocked to cafes like Cafe Euljiro Jeokdang to try the dessert that inspired the hit song.

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BIBI X Brandip

who is bibi kpop kim hyung-seo korean cosmetics brandip collab
Image source: Belift Lab, ILLIT
In celebration of “Bam Yang Gang” and its success, BIBI partnered with the cosmetics and beauty brand, Brandip, to create a whole line of exclusive products. In her first merch collaboration, BIBI reportedly had a big hand in the product planning and design process in order to make sure that the product collection reflects her specific artistic vision. Among the products are four pretty pink and brown shades of glossy lip glosses that are stick-free, created by the brand Peripera, titled “Edge Nude,” “Grow On You,” “Piece of Yanggang,” and “Sugar Terrier.” What’s more, the collaboration also includes several other merch items, including sweatshirts, which come in the “Bam Yang Gang” and “Sugar Rush” versions, and keyrings that also have “Bam Yang Gang” and “Sugar Rush” versions, which would make the ideal addition to any bag or set of keys! While the lip gloss shades were carefully chosen by BIBI to complement a variety of preferences, the sweatshirts feature cute and whimsical designs that reflect BIBI’s playful and unique style, making them perfect for any casual outfit! Fans of Brandip and BIBI’s “Bam Yang Gang” were thrilled about the collaboration and have been eagerly buying out the limited edition merchandise—the tarpaulin bag and cups (which also come in “Bam Yang Gang” and “Sugar Rush” versions) have been particularly popular items, with fans proudly showing them off on social media. The exclusive limited edition single album and new photocard pack have also been a huge hit, with fans excited to collect all eight unique signed photo cards. What’s more, the BIBI x Brandip pop-up store in Seongsu-dong, which was open from the 7th to the 17th of March, was also a must-visit for fans, who flocked to take photos at the BIBI-themed photo zone and buy some of the unique products. With the success of “Bam Yang Gang” and the product line, BIBI’s unique and captivating style has truly captured the hearts of fans around the world, solidifying her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry!

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who is bibi kpop kim hyung-seo korean cosmetics brandip
Image source: @nakedbibi
The rise of BIBI in the Korean music industry has been nothing short of amazing. From her beginning, making music by herself on Soundcloud, to becoming a global sensation, BIBI has captured the hearts of fans with her authentic style and raw talent. Moreover, her collaboration with Brandip showcases her creative vision beyond music, as the exclusive line of cosmetics and merchandise reflects her artistic flair. What is your favorite item from the collection? If you want to purchase BIBI’s merch collection in collaboration with Brandip and have them delivered quickly to your doorstep, consider using Delivered Korea’s ‘We Buy, We Ship’ or ‘You Buy, We Ship’ services’ or the DKshop.

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