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Nature Republic (네이처리퍼블릭) is a well-known South Korean cosmetics brand. It was established in 2009 and since then gained recognition all over the world.

However, their international sites display outdated information and don’t post information about promotions and discounts. Therefore, we’ve created a guide for you on how to shop on the Nature Republic’s Korean website.

The good news is that, unlike many Korean websites, this one, Google translate is working pretty well. However, to register and order on the site, you would need to have a Korean phone. Therefore, most likely, you would need to use our BUY FOR ME service to purchase the products.

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How to Get the Best Deal

Price – any number with “₩” sign or “원” (i.e., KRW) is a price. If the number is grey and crossed out, then this is the original cost. The black number that appears right next to the grey number is the discount price.

Promotions are special events used to advertise products. The most popular type of promotion is [1+1]. This means that if you purchase one unit of the product, you will receive one more as a gift. Similarly, [3+1] says that if you are buying three items, you will receive one as a gift, and [10+10] means that if you purchase 10, you will get double-quantity for the same price. Other events may include gifts upon purchase of a particular product.

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When You Submit a BUY FOR ME Request

Store name: Nature Republic
Item information:

  1. Item description: You may find it in the left upper corner on the products page. Tip! The font is larger. Therefore, the product name looks like a header. Also, it should appear on the list of items.

Important! If the name of the product in the left upper corner and the name of the item in the list don’t match, that means that there is more than one kind of this product. In this case, make sure to let us know the name of the product on the list.

If you have to order multiple items of different kinds at once on the same page (see 1+1 example), use the “title” name of the product as the name of the product when you submit a request. In the “Additional information” field, please leave a note. On the Nature Republics site, switch to English using Google translate (if necessary), choose the items,  switch back to Korean and take a screenshot. Please upload this screenshot on the Delivered site when you submit your request (to do so, you should click on the plus in the “Upload image” field).

  1. Item type: Most likely, it will be “cosmetic”. If not, you may choose the right one in the drop-down menu.
  2. URL: It should be a link to the product page.
  3. Q’ty: Please let us know how many items of the product you want us to purchase for you. If there are any gifts, you don’t need to mention them.
  4. Colour and size: Any additional information which can help us to identify a product would be highly appreciated.

You may add up to 5 items from the same store. For more detailed information with the screenshot on how to submit a BUY FOR ME request, please visit this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support. We are always happy to assist you!

Now, that you learned how it works, it’s time for it’s time to practice.
Enjoy your shopping on Nature Republic’s official website!