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Korean fashion shows which took place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul suggest new looks for the year 2020. Several spring/summer collections have been presented, each in its unique style.


Demoo’s theme was “Air”, and to express its flow designer Park Choon-moo used see-through materials and structured them into voluminous shapes. The collection featured a wide range of pleated dresses, oversised jumpers, blouses and dresses in monotone colours, ranging from black to white.


The aim of Munn’s designer Han Hyun-min was to show familiar things unfamiliar. For this reason, the designer drew inspiration from Korean traditional clothes (i.e., hanbok) to create the “avant-garde oriental sportism”. To achieve the desired effect Han Hyun-min used traditional hanbok fabrics, such as see-through organza and jacquard silk. Besides, to create hanbok-resembling garments he used innovative materials, such as ultralight nylon and water-repellent cloth. Most of the outfits are tailored suits and sportswear.

Songzio Homme

The theme of Songzio Homme’s collection was “Four Seasons”. Inspired by the poem “The Human Seasons” by John Keats, designer Song Zio created colourful clothes. The principal colours were pink, yellow, green and red. As for the pattern, an abstract oil painting image is printed on some pieces, and on another, the colour variation of this painting was visible.

Dew E Dew E

Dew E Dew E’s collection designed by Lee Su-yeon and Kim Jin-young was inspired, among other, by the 1920s workwear for women. The collection features vibrant-colour ruffled dresses in Dew E Dew E’s signature style. The designers claim that they aimed to create elegant clothes for young women, based on “romantic chic sensibility”. Furthermore, while introducing periodical looks from the era of art deco fashion, designers focused not only on clothes but also on accessories. Thus, several models were wearing unique headpieces which were in 1920s popular for women in high society.


While creating the collection, Cahiers’ designer Kim A-young derived inspiration by the sophisticated and graceful figure of Cleopatra. As a result, the collection mainly consists of pastel-hued silk dress pieces, some printed with Egypt-inspired patterns.

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