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What is Interpark?

Interpark is a well-established and versatile Korean online platform that has gained recognition as a leading e-commerce website that caters to a diverse range of consumer needs. It offers an extensive catalog of products and services, including event tickets, travel reservations, merchandise, and much more. With a strong presence in the South Korean market, Interpark has become a trusted destination for both local and international shoppers seeking an array of goods and experiences.

Trending Product Categories

Discover the hottest categories on Global Interpark that cater to international online shoppers, offering a diverse range of products from concert tickets to travel packages.

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K-pop albums

kdrama dvds blurays korean online retailers 2024 delivered korea

K-drama DVDs & Blu-rays

kbeauty and cosmetics korean online retailers 2024 delivered korea

K-beauty & cosmetics


Photobooks & photocards

Concert & event tickets

korean merchandise korea online retailers 2024 delivered korea

Korean merchandise

kpop limited edition and pre orders korean online retailers 2024 delivered korea

Limited editions & pre-orders

How It Works

Shopping at Ktown4u with Delivered Korea is as easy as it gets!

sign up and submit a we buy and ship korean proxy buying request step 1 delivered korea

1. Sign up & submit a We Buy & Ship (proxy buying) request

we buy and ship your packages to your suite address step 2 delivered korea

2. We buy & ship your package to your suite address

combine and ship to save up to 80% on international shipping step 3 delivered korea

3. Combine & ship to save up to 80% on international shipping

Submit a Request

Go to "WE BUY ORDERS" and submit your buying request by clicking the "NEW ORDERS" button.

  1. Provide the store name and URL of the product webpage.
  2. Provide the item description and details, as well as the quantity, option, or size you want to purchase.
  3. You can attach the screenshot of the product you would like to buy and leave additional information to help us identify and purchase the item you seek. If you are unsure about anything, please attach a screenshot of the webpage.
  4. Click the "ADD ITEM" button to add another item to purchase in the same store.


  • Please provide the item information in English. 
  • Please specify an option of product you will buy if it has any.
  • Up to 5 items from the same store/seller can be added to the "WE BUY AND SHIP" form.

1. You will see the above pop-up if your order has been successfully completed.

2. Go to the "WE BUY ORDERS" tab and click the arrow to view the order details.

3. If there are any changes you wish to make, click the EDIT button. 


  • Once you submit your order, DELIVERED will update you with an order quotation, and your order status will change to PENDING.
  • Changing order details is impossible when your order status changes to ORDERED.

  1. If your order status changes to "PENDING", you can now pay for your order. Check the price of the product(s) you requested us to purchase, the domestic shipping fee if any, and any service charges incurred to process your request.
  2. Click the checkbox of the order you want to pay and click the "ADD TO CART" button.

1. Click the checkbox for the product you want to make payment for, and then click the "CHECKOUT" button at the bottom. 

2. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Delivered's balance. Please check if the payment amount is correct again and press "OK".

Once your payment is received, DELIVERED will place your order if the requested product is available when processing your order. Your order will be processed within 12 to 24 business hours from when your payment was completed. Once your order has been placed, your order status will be changed to "ORDERED".


  • Purchasing and shipping to our Korean warehouse usually take 3 to 4 business days.
  • When your order arrives in our warehouse, you will receive an automated email stating that a package has been received at your Suite.

1. When your package status changes to "RECEIVED", it means your order has arrived at your Suite. Go to "MY PACKAGES" and click the arrow below to view the order details.

2. Clicking on the checkbox for the item you wish to ship will activate the "ADD TO CART" button on the right. Click the button and press "OK".

3. Select the shipping address you want to ship (adding and changing the shipping address is available at "MY ACCOUNT SETTING". Next, select the desired delivery option. Then click the "CHECKOUT" button.

4. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Delivered's balance. Please check if the payment amount is correct again and press "OK".

Your delivery request was completed successfully. The delivery period may vary depending on your destination country and the selected delivery option. You will receive a notification email including the tracking number when the package ships from our warehouse.

Features You Will Love

Get exclusive rates with our shipping partners: FedEx, EMS, Korea Post, DHL, and more.

Shop all kinds of Korean products from any online retailer in Korea.

Use our free Korean address for your shipping at checkout.

Use free shipping calculator to get estimates on your shipment.

Consolidate multiple packages and save up to 80% on shipping.

Superior packing with various options for your products.

Top-rated personal shopper for proxy buying or proxy shopping.

Use our dropship service from Korea.

Payment methods we accept:

credit card visa
credit card mastercard
credit card american express
credit card paypal
credit card jcb
credit card unionpay

International money transfer we accept: [How to use]

Fast Facts

Here are some useful information you need to know about our shipping services!

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Countries we ship to worldwide

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Maximum savings for international shipments

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Average savings for international shipments

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On-time shipments and order accuracy

Testimonials from Instagram

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Social Reviews

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Highly recommend!

Unbeatable, fast service! There were multiple instances where I requested an item that was quickly selling out. The DELIVERED team was able to get it each and every time. It's also clear that they listen to customer feedback -- the site just keeps getting better and better. I do wish that they didn't charge for photos and that they'd add more packing materials in their boxes. However, I'm overall very satisfied with my experience. They've gotten themselves a lifelong customer 🙂 (Also -- I can't get over how cute their mascot is. A box dog!) *Note: the shipping costs ARE high but that is out of their control. If you are from the USA in particular, international shipping will be AT LEAST $10 (most likely more) for a light item. The pandemic has led to significant delays and an increase in shipping charges all across the board. I knew this going in and it does not affect my rating. DELIVERED has a shipping calculator on their site as well and it's been pretty accurate for me so far.

Nicole Sanchez
Nicole Sanchez

Amo la página, el servicio es facil de entender y todo esta en linea, no es necesario comunicarse informalmente por kakao o wasap como con otras casillas~ Mejor casilla!

Alexia Carolina
Alexia Carolina

Amazing service

I just want to thank all the Delivered Korea Team for the incredible work they made. Thank you so much <3 I've made a review in portuguese for the brazilian people to see and use this amazing resource that you provide. Simplesmente amei o serviço, foram super rápidos em me responder e o preço do frete é justo. Com o Delivered, consegui comprar produtos do BTS no site do weverse shop. Além disso, são muito honestos, eu solicitei o repackage de uma embalagem e me enviaram um e-mail informando que a solicitação foi cancelada pois a embalagem original já estava no tamanho correto, eles poderiam ter reembalado e me cobrado o serviço. Simplesmente amei todo o serviço que eles prestam.

Paula Marie

I have used this warehouse 3 times already! Their customer service is one of the best and my packages always arrive safely and well packaged. I will continue using it in the future 🙂

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