Koreans love celebrations of romance and romantic love. No wonder that there are 12 romantic holidays in South Korea. They are celebrated on the 14th of each month.

Diary Day (January 14th)

On the 14th of January, Koreans exchange a blank diary with their beloved ones. In this diary, you should write down your feelings and sentiments. Also, at will, you may mention your goals and resolutions.

Tip! It’s your chance to write down some useful tips for your significant one.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Valentine’s Day is one the three main “love” holidays in South Korea. In general, Koreans celebrate it the same way as people in other countries. The only difference is that in Korea only women buy gifts – usually, chocolates or roses – for men.

Tip! Cook chocolate yourself to show your affection.

White Day (March 14th)

One more main “love” holiday in Korea is White Day. That’s the time for men to show their affection and give presents to women as an answer to Valentine’s Day giftsThe most popular presents are chocolates and jewelry.

Tip! Interweave white colour into your gifts as much as possible.

Black Day (April 14th)

On the 14th of April singles who haven’t received presents on Valentine’s Day or White Day gather with their single friends and eat black bean noodles, called Jjajyangmyeon (자장면).

Tip! It’s up to you to feel disappointed and miserable or consider this day a celebration of singlehood, recognition and appreciation the self.

Yellow/Rose Day (May 14th)

On the 14th of May, Koreans exchange roses (preferably yellow) with their loved ones. Couples spend quality time together in cafes and restaurants, while singles dress in yellow and gather to eat Korean style curry rice (카레라이스).

Tip! Usually, in the middle of May, the weather is good. Therefore, it’s also a great day to spend with close friends and family.

Kiss Day (June 14th)

Kiss day is one of the best opportunities to express sincere love. Obviously, it’s celebrated by kissing each other throughout the day. Out of all the love holidays, this one is the most romantic day for couples.

Tip! Don’t eat curry and garlic dishes.

Silver Day (July 14th)

Silver Day is in some way similar to an engagement ceremony: lovers exchange silver accessories – usually, a matching couple of so-called “promise” rings – with each other. These rings signify that two are deeply committed to one another.

Tip! “Promise” rings should be constantly worn on the left hand.

Green Day (August 14th)

August 14th is a nature day. Koreans – both families and couples – go on picnics to celebrate it. The drink of the day is soju (소주) because the bottles are distinctively green. Some people try to wear as many green clothes and accessories as possible.

Tip! It’s a great opportunity to leave your apartments or offices and spend some time outdoors.

Photo Day (September 14th)

On the 14th of September no one will blame you for taking too many selfies. Same as Green day this holiday is widely celebrated not only by couples, but also by families and friends. Some people go to photo studios or call professional photographers to take beautiful memorable photoshoots, and the most enthusiastic ones even organize a photo shoot party.

Tip! This holiday is a great excuse to visit picturesque photo spots and ever-popular instant photo-sticker booths.

Wine Day (October 14th)

The 14th of October is time to get tipsy! On this day Koreans express love not only to their significant others but also to alcohol. Couples party and drink wine in public events or local bars.

Tip! Your friends and closest family members probably wouldn’t mind pouring a glass or two too.

Movie Day (November 14th)

November 14th is one of the most popular and widely celebrated by Koreans romantic and platonic love holidays. Couples, friends and families go to the cinema or watch a movie in privacy at home.

Tip! If both you and your significant other like scary movies, you can kill two birds with one stone and do a “Halloween” marathon.

Hug Day (December 14th)

The year ends with a Hug day. Couples meet to give each other hugs, while single people give hugs to each other, friends or family members.

Tip! The present are not required, but if you want you can buy a pair of socks. Socks are always useful!

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